Mission and Values


Community Living supports people with disabilities in their pursuit of meaningful choices, hopes, and dreams by providing quality services that help to overcome barriers and promote richer, fuller lives.


Community Living’s vision is to provide personally chosen supports for adults in their pursuit to live the life they have chosen.


Respect: Community Living believes that as caregivers we must respect each person’s right to participate in their own care, respecting their decisions about life issues as well as respecting their choices as their needs change.

Teamwork: Community Living strives to create a sense of unity and enthusiasm among those supported by the agency and its stakeholders. The sharing of common interests and responsibilities while working toward an exciting vision for the future is the core of what we do.

Integrity: Community Living respects the integrity and welfare of each person supported by the agency at all times. Caregivers demonstrate integrity toward the people they support respecting their feelings, their privacy, their needs and their property. We believe that integrity is the foundation of professionalism.

Compassion: Community Living provides services in a thoughtful, caring and considerate manner. Compassionate care is fundamental in establishing a trusting, therapeutic relationship between the individual receiving supports and their caregivers. We believe that compassion is empathy in action.

Support: Community Living assists individuals in strengthening their voice, planning their life and reaching their goals.


Person-centered planning is a process used to identify the strengths, capacities, preferences, needs and desired outcomes of the Individuals served. The process includes participants chosen by the Individual or guardian who assist the Individual to identify personally meaningful life outcomes, as well as goals or stepping stones toward achieving those outcomes. The results of this process are then translated into an ISP that is used to identify waiver services as well as community and natural supports.